Infrastructure design & implementation

Easy Broadband works in close partnership with clients to design an IT infrastructure that is specific to their organisation and their evolving needs.

Whether you are setting up a new IT infrastructure, replacing an ageing network or expanding network capacity, you can rely on us to provide the design and delivery skills required to partner you from initial briefing through to final handover.

We have experience of installing and managing literally hundreds of differently configured IT environments for a wide range of clients in different sectors, and at
different stages of business maturity. Above all, we understand that there is a balance to be struck between leveraging investment in existing infrastructure and new investment in an optimal solution.

Our focus is on the creation of a robust, scalable, flexible environment upon which business applications and solutions can be built cost effectively. The right network will neatly mirror your business and its operational requirements. The right solution is as individual as your business and your brand. Defining, designing and delivering such individualised solutions is our core skill.

The key to good infrastructure design is to understand how the network will be used in future, so that current investment is not wasted. During our initial investigation, we seek to understand:

  • What is the current shape of the organisation, and how might that change in future?
  • What is the desired functionality and user experience?
  • How does your organisation wish to work? Who will access what systems from where and how?
  • What budgetary limitations are applicable?
  • What trade offs between functional perfection and affordability are appropriate?

By answering such questions, we are able to design a network around your business and its evolving needs. Beyond this, we have an excellent track-record in installation and support. We have delivered networks for as few as ten users, as well as for hundreds of users located over multiple locations.