BackIT™, the online, remote, secure data backup and storage solution for businesses.

We can store many terabytes of data at our secure remote facility, removing the hassle of backup tapes and manual storage. Traditional tape backup solutions can be unreliable, time-consuming and difficult to manage. The backup quality often depends upon local staff and equipment, leaving high value data potentially unprotected. Easy broadband has built a cutting-edge platform for BackIT™. The BackIT™ network based backup-restore solution overcomes the limitations of tape. It enables the restoration of single files in minutes, through to full disaster recovery of whole networks.

Using proprietary compression and delta-comparison technologies, BackIT™ enables large volumes of data to be backed up quickly, without huge bandwidth overheads. Being able to backup MS Exchange, MS SQL servers and many other back-office applications, BackIT™ is the obvious choice for today's demanding and security conscious businesses. With BackIT™, we can help clients to manage distributed data that is spread over many locations and systems, by placing it into a central, secure storage environment, reliably and efficiently. BackIT™ also eliminates the need for a traditional backup media to be taken to an offsite location on a daily basis.

Because BackIT™ supports Windows, Mac and UNIX environments, customers can protect all their data across the entire network, whether it resides on servers, desktops, laptops, in a central LAN or in distributed LANs. Our data back-up solutions are designed to meet each client's specific needs for data protection and integrity. A tiered approach to data back-up

Data back-up protection, recovery and security continue to be major concerns to all clients, even more so in light of greater risk and regulation. The probability of partial or complete data loss is getting higher due to greater risk of user error, system failure, data corruption, environmental or subotage threats. The costs of data loss are incalculable and known all too well to each organisation. Increasing levels of regulation are also pushing the boundaries of requirements from tamper proof email storage and voice recordings through to full real time replication of data, applications and infrastructure.

That's why organisations need an optimised approach to data back-up which is designed to meet day-to-day back-up requirements and where practicable to integrate with disaster recovery and business continuity planning. We provide a combination of data back-up solutions that can be implemented seamlessly to ensure the security and integrity of clients' data.

Our data management solutions include a broad range of options including:

  • standard tape-back-up solutions
  • mirroring of data across multiple locations using standard replication tools
  • remote online back-up as a primary or secondary data storage solution
  • fully synchronized, real-time replication options

Each solution is designed to match specific clients' requirements for data protection and management, as well as their budget.